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What is the Best Vacuum for a Large Family?

What is the Best Vacuum for a Large Family?

Large families mean lots of daily cleaning. But as the saying goes, "Many hands make light work," unless your kids can't wrangle your vacuum cleaner. With the multitude of machines available at price points ranging from under $100 to over $2,000, it can be difficult to find the right one for your needs. If you're looking for a vacuum that offers:

  • The no-nonsense clean you need
  • With the longevity to handle brutal, large-family life for years
  • And is so lightweight that even your toddlers can push it
  • All at a price that won't bankrupt you,

Then look no further than the Oreck Commercial vacuum series. You can expect the following benefits when you buy an Oreck Commercial vacuum.

Powerful Suction

Many brands and models start strong then weaken before too long, but not the Orecks designed for professional janitorial and house cleaning services. These machines pick up dirt, hair, cereal, paper and other household messes fast and furious. From high and low pile carpets to hard surfaces, Orecks perform at their peak from their first day of use until they finally need a little servicing — usually many years later.

From high and low pile carpets to hard surfaces, Orecks perform at their peak from their first day of use until they finally need a little servicing — usually many years later.


Having the ability to keep a full house clean on a daily basis without losing suction will give you cause for joy. Unless, of course, the vacuum suddenly breaks down and shudders with its last breath long before you received your money's worth out of it. When you pay top dollar for a vacuum, you expect it to last a decade, at the very least. When it lasts several decades, you tend to feel you obtained the device at an absurdly low price. Commercial version Orecks have the durability to convince you that you made the best cleaning investment ever. Yes, you'll need to replace belts once in a while, but even the belts last far longer than you would expect.

Impossibly Light Weight for Its Excellent Performance

Perhaps the best feature of the Oreck commercial line is that they still weigh only about nine pounds without the 40-foot power cord. If you groan at the idea of dragging out the vacuum to clean up Cheerios again, you definitely need an Oreck. The hardest part of conquering the mess is walking to the closet wherein you store your vacuum. Unlike most other brands, Orecks can be easily transported up and down stairs. They're almost magic in how well they perform for how light and inexpensive they are.

You have a busy lifestyle taking care of lots of people. If your vacuuming needs don't require special bells, whistles and the clutter of attachments, just an honest floor clean with the greatest ease over many years, you'll truly love the Oreck commercial vacuums. With prices that will surprise you, Dupage Vacuum offers a full line of Oreck vacuum cleaners. We've been selling and servicing all brands of vacuums since 1963. Come to see us today!

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