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Which Miele Vacuum Has the Features I Need?

Which Miele Vacuum Has the Features I Need?

No one wants to deal with grit and dirt on your floor or ground into your expensive carpet, which is why it's critically important to have the right cleaning tools for your particular flooring situation. There's truly nothing worse than stretching your toes after a long day's work and feeling like you're walking on a sandy beach! Fortunately, high-powered vacuums from Miele have you covered; from small spaces with wooden floors to larger rooms and homes with a thick pile carpeting. You're sure to enjoy the look and feel of a clean home or apartment when you're using the right cleaning tools and accessories. 

Types of Vacuums

Miele vacuums include several different styles: three canister vacuums and two uprights, each suitable for a variety of uses. Many people use more than one vacuum for their home or apartment, perhaps a smaller style for daily use or quick cleanups and a larger option for deeper cleaning situations or bigger areas of your living space.

Upright Vacuum Models

When you need full power and an upright vacuum, the U1 is Miele's answer. This particular vacuum works best on standard carpet and hardwood but can be problematic on delicate or shag carpet, tile or rough stone. You'll find four different model variations of the popular U1 vacuum:

  • Twist: Includes AirClean filtration for your breathing comfort
  • Jazz: LED headlight and HEPA filtration, along with the AirClean filtration found in the Twist
  • AutoEco: This upgrade from the Jazz also includes automatic suction control
  • Cat & Dog: Keep your carpets and home smelling fresh with this odor blocking filter plus mini turbo brush add-on to the AutoEco model

Canister Vacuum Models

With Miele canister vacuums, you can customize your ideal configuration by first selecting a carpet tool and then choosing a canister series. 

Carpet Tools include: 

  • Rug and Floor Tool: Ideal for wool, high-quality area rugs and bare floors
  • Turbo Brush (205): The best choice for area rugs, looped or short pile carpet
  • Power Brush (217): This accessory works best with medium pile carpet and to keep pet hair under control
  • Power Brush (228): Keep high pile, thick or plush carpet clean as a whistle and reduce annoying pet hair and dander
  • Power Brush (236): Protect your furniture with a bumper and headlight, plus all options available in the 228 model 

Miele vacuums include several different styles: three canister vacuums and two uprights, each suitable for a variety of uses.

Canister Series:

Miele canister vacuums come in three different options: the Classic C1, with dial suction control and a semi-sealed filtration system and the C2 version, which offers a variety of different additions to fit your needs. The C2 canister from Miele has an even greater range of options.

Add-ons to the C2 include: 

  • Thicker plastics
  • Better fit and finish
  • Longer cord (three feet longer)
  • Upgraded floor brush made with natural bristle
  • Upgraded dusting brush made with natural bristle
  • Longer wand
  • Quieter motor
  • Crush-proof hose
  • Fully sealed filtration

The C3 Canister includes:

  • Rubber 3-D bumper surround
  • Toe tap suction adjustment
  • Built-in accessory storage compartment
  • Fully sealed HEPA filtration standard
  • Available automatic suction control
  • Available finger-tip suction control
  • Available HEPA filter usage timer
  • Available Auto-stop tool rest

Call the professionals at Dupage Vacuum today to learn more about which Miele vacuum you should buy for your particular needs. We provide sales, service and repair, and our friendly associates have a wealth of knowledge to share about these high-quality cleaning products. 

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